Material of Choice for Deck Construction - "Merbau"

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Material of Choice for Deck Construction - "Merbau"
A lot of homeowners prefer "Merbau" lumber due to the sleek finish and elegant look. This particular wooden material is tough, solid and heavy making it ideal for furniture, walls, flooring and outdoor decks. Merbau looks very impressive with its crimson and brown combination with yellow specks. The wood can endure pests that prey on wood along with extreme weather conditions. Many contractors consider this resilient and high-quality material for outdoor decking. The rigid wood is made up of pure grains with a thickness of more than 700 kilograms and solidity rating of more than 850 kilograms under dry conditions.

• Merbau is a top choice because of it is a heavy wood that has been tested for durability and long-term use. Decks made of this lumber can last up to 50 years if constructed properly. As mentioned earlier, it is resistant to natural elements and corrosion. The structure is not affected by heavy downpour, snowfall and ultra-violet rays.

• The wood does not break down easily so you can be assured that accidents such as collapse of the deck can be prevented. It can endure dry and humid atmosphere so you can install the deck in any part of the yard. Natural oil makes Merbau wood glossy regardless of the existing environment.

• You can look forward to non-slimy flooring so there is less chance of people slipping while walking on the floor. Besides, Merbau is nail-free and stainless metal bolts are used for decking purposes.

• Merbau has higher resistance to deformity and different types of vermin such as termites as well as mildew, chemical spills, and decay. The deck made of this material can carry massive loads and heavy use.

• You can also choose from a wide selection of floor designs because of the variety of shades available.
The appropriate finishing should be applied after you purchase Merbau timber as preparation for using it as deck material. Rub on one to two coats of high-quality deck oil on all sides of the wood. This will protect the wood from excessive condensation and dampness. It is also practical to seal the wood to avoid tearing or incisions on the surface during the construction stage. However, be very careful in installing and fastening the deck boards together. Seal all corners and floorboards carefully using the recommended oil. You can use well-known bonding agents so the boards can be joined firmly and last longer.
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